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An asphalt shingle roof with a chimney and cap, providing ventilation and protection for a building.




Michael Smith


14th November 2023


Roofing Service for Michael Smith’s House

At Galaxy Roofing, quality is non-negotiable. We pride ourselves on delivering the best roofing service with premium materials, all while keeping it affordable for our customers.

In November 2023, we took on a roof replacement project for Columbia homeowner Michael Smith. Faced with aging, cracks, and leaks, Mr. Smith trusted our expertise for a lasting solution.

Initiating on November 8th, we swiftly replaced the roof with top-quality red and brown Asphalt Shingles, meeting Mr. Smith’s color preferences. Completed on November 14th, the project not only restored the roof but exceeded expectations!

Galaxy Roofing, committed to excellence, ensures top quality materials and craftsmanship. Michael Smith now enjoys a renovated home, reflecting our dedication to superior roofing solutions in Columbia, PA.

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I can’t praise Galaxy Roofing enough! Facing an aging roof with cracks and leaks, I chose them for a replacement project. From swift initiation on November 8th to completion on November 14th, they used top-quality red and brown Asphalt Shingles, meeting my color preferences. The result? A roof that not only restored but exceeded expectations! Thank you, Galaxy Roofing.

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Michael Smith